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Learn English for business, communication, education, management, science, and technology in your own company or in Oxford, England, with the English Language Development Programme.

The Oxford English Language Development Programme is more immediate and more successful than conventional teaching methods. The courses are interesting,stimulating, and supportive, and provide the focus for any company's English language development strategy.

The courses are not stand-alone crash courses in general English. They're a joint venture with you and your company to make certain you get the English you want and need. They're an investment for the future, not a business expense.

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Will de Marvell

Will de Marvell is the Director of Studies for the English Language Development Programme at the Euroversity Operations Centre in Oxford, England. He was educated at the universities of London, Surrey, and Wales.

Career History: Main Highlights 1980-present

Lecturer in Management English
European Programme

Main Examiner in:
English as a Foreign Language
English Language Lecturer International Programme

Leading English Language Trainer at AEG
English Training Manager at OLYMPIA BUSINESS MACHINES
English Language Trainer at ADTRANZ Berlin
English Language Trainer at TEMIC Berlin
Chief English Language Training Manager at PROCTER AND GAMBLE Germany
English Language Training Manager at METEOR GUMMIWERKE Germany
English Training Consultant IFA ROTORION Germany

Client-orientated Management English Training in Oxford
E-learning projects

Will de Marvell is author and Project Director of the websites: www.professorenglish.co.uk and www.learningenglish.net.

The Oxford English Programme at the Euroversity Operations Centre can be seen at

Seminar Themes